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From the moment you create your account, your teams can get right to work with our dedicated account manager focused on your needs and our technical team ready for emergencies with critical incident reporting and response.

We’re at your service.


Our 24/7 Monitoring & Control for your Network

Create or upgrade for 24/7 monitoring by our proven, global NOC experts. With our NOC Monitoring and Control Services working in your network management center, you’ll have the guaranteed reliability and accessibility with physical review that your system needs for any of your servers.

We’re at your service.



Our 24/7 OS & Service Troubleshooting for your Business

Get a full NOC solution that’s right for your company’s process, system and business needs at an affordable price. We provide first line fault support, analysis and escalation to the right person in your organization in real-time by our expert technical support team on your behalf.

With our Pro services you’ll get:

  • 24/7 Reliability and Accessibility by our centralized, 24/7 expert systems monitoring
  • 24/7 Dedicated Technical Expert Team for server monitoring, service call handling & analysis
  • 24/7 Help Desk for complete fault handling in real-time from call incident to resolution using your CRM

We’re at your service.


Our Comprehensive Server Management for 24/7 Proactive Systems

Let your IT staff focus 100% on your business. With 24/7 proactive support from our experienced systems team, your server management headache is history. Be confident that we’ll handle the rest, as you reduce costs, save time and money on maintenance and upgrade tasks and become more efficient.

With our Pro services you’ll get:

  • Full Systems Monitoring with 24/7 accessibility, LIVE systems expert support and industry-leading SLA
  • Comprehensive Maintenance, Backups and Updates for hardware, software and security
  • Comprehensive Application Management and Support
  • High Availability Database Management
  • Free Cloud Migration accompanied by dedicated project manager from planning to full production

We’re at your service.



Our Professional Built-to-Purpose Productivity Team

Boost the quality, reliability and productivity of your organization’s infrastructure. With our DevOps service, you can greatly increase your development pace and decrease the time required between the integration of new versions. We’ll help you to improve your team’s interaction.

Our development and operations team has a wealth of experience that enables a deep level of DevOps support for you covering a wide areas, initiative and types of request. We provide a special, built-to-purpose team for supporting your requirements and connecting between the Operating System Layer and the Code including:

  • Centralized Configuration Management & Deployment Services
  • Application Tuning, Analytics and Coding Services
  • Software Architecture Consulting

We’re at your service.


24/7 Help Desk

Our Technical Support from Deployment to Troubleshooting

Our 24/7 Help Desk is always available for immediate servicing of any request. You get quick, personal, professional guidance from our experienced cloud technicians and engineers from planning and deployment to production maintenance and troubleshooting for any software and hardware failure. We ensure business as usual, even upon hardware repairs, without any operational interference for your peace of mind.

We’re at your service.


Free Cloud Migration

Our Expert Support to Easily Get You Started in the Cloud

Our Free Cloud Migration is a great stepping stone for your transition into our cloud from your existing on premise, private or public cloud infrastructure – no matter the platform. You’re accompanied by our expert project manager throughout the process from planning until your production system is fully running.

We’re at your service.

Our Specs

We provide the highest level of support and
performance per price in the industry

Ping/ICMP Monitoring
Protocol Monitoring
(HTTP, SMTP, TCP, UDP, etc.)
OS Monitoring
(CPU, RAM, Disk Space, etc.)
Web Monitoring
(Page Result/String Search)
Custom Monitoring
(up to 10/server)
Application Monitoring
SNMP Hardware Monitoring
Email/SMS Alerting
Phone Call by NOC Alerting
NOC Proactive Troubleshooting
Technical SupportUnmanagedNOCProPremiumDevOps
Firewall and Networking Management
OS & Services and Troubleshooting
Operating System Updates
(Upon Request)
Backups and Restore Administration
DNS Setup & Management
Database Setup & Administration
Application Support for MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached
Database High Availability Setup & Management
Load Balancing Management
3rd Party Service DNS, CDN/WAF Support (such as CloudFlare, Akamai, Reblaze, etc.)Included w/ 10+ servers
Server Resources Performance Metrics
Server Network Reporting
Server Availability Reports
Services Availability Reports
Application ManagementUnmanagedNOCProPremiumDevOps
Apache Web Server, NGINX, IIS, PHP, .NET, bind, MSDNS, MySQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, Active Directory, MS Exchange Standard, cPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, WebSitePanel
Support Applications:
HAPorxy, tomcat, memcached, redis, node.js, MS Exchanged Enterprise
Application Installation and Configuration
Application Updates
Application Custom Build
Centralized Configuration Management
Deployment Automation
Application Analytics
Application Profiling
Code Debugging
Application Performance Tuning
Software Architecture Consulting
SLA & Support ReferenceUnmanagedNOCProPremiumDevOps
24/7 NOC Support
Business Hours Technical Support
24/7 Technical Support
Critical Incident:
Ticket Response Time
Critical Incident:
Phone Response Time
Dedicated Account Manager
Dedicated Technical Account ManagerIncluded w/ 10+ servers
Dedicated Technical Staff TeamIncluded w/ 10+ servers
Ticketing Management Portal

Our Pricing

We deliver the best cloud solution for your needs
with the highest level of service excellence

Basic UnmanagedNo managed services0 NIS
NOC/Monitor OnlyNOC Services / Monitoring$39*
Pro ManagedNOC/Monitor + OS & Services Troubleshooting
(6 month commitment)
Premium ManagedPro Managed + Proactive
(12 months commitment)
DevOps ManagedPremium + Analytics, Profiling, etc.
(Minimum 5 Servers, 12 months commitment)

* Pricing is per server