Scale your global applications instantly
for great user experience

We optimize global app delivery by automatically
distributing traffic across multiple targets

Simple to Deploy & Manage

With our Load Balancer, you can work out of the box and create highly available and scalable applications in minutes. It’s easy to control and program via API. You can deploy however you want - in any public, private, or hybrid cloud, and on bare metal, with no restrictive proprietary hardware.

Robust Performance & High Availability

We distribute traffic to keep pace with your changing network and user volumes. You automatically scale with your increasing application traffic across your resources for a great user experience.

Elastic & Flexible

We help you handle the rapid changes in your network traffic patterns. Our Load Balancer uses IP addresses to route requests to application targets for flexibility in virtualization and hosting of applications. Our flexibility extends to compatibility with our Auto-scaling and Kubernetes cloud solutions.

We improve performance, scalability, availability
and security across your infrastructure.

Our full visibility into your application behavior lets you uncover issues
and release bottlenecks in real-time.


Fault Tolerance for Any Application

Our system supports TCP/UDP-based protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS and SMTP, and protocols used for real-time voice and video messaging applications, balancing them across multiple back-ends and over a pool of instances within multiple back-ends and Compute regions. No pre-warming required.


High Fidelity Health Checks

We ensure that your new connections are only load balanced to healthy back-ends that are up and ready to receive them and that your probes mimic actual traffic to back-ends. Our SSL proxy provides SSL termination for your non-HTTPS traffic.


Advanced Routing & Proxy Support

We use geolocation-based load balancing for routing you to the nearest data center, and automatically pass your IP addresses and ports to provide the highest performance and streamline your user experience.


Empower Your Developers

We use the most modern IT infrastructure so our Load Balancers have a software ADC that works well for DevOps and micro-services in your app architectures. Developers like our simple, low-cost model with: No inflated prices or artificial caps on throughput or SSL connections.

Our Partners

We deliver the best solution for your needs with our select global partners.