Pay Per Use

  • Simple Pricing Model
  • Unlimited IOPS
  • 100% SSD Storage
  • The Most Flexible Configuration
  • Worldwide Compatible Price

Managed Services

Basic UnmanagedNo managed services$0
NOC/Monitor OnlyNOC Services / Monitoring$39*
Pro ManagedNOC/Monitor + OS & Services Troubleshooting (6 months commitment)$50*
Premium ManagedPro Managed + Proactive (12 months commitment)$150*
DevOps ManagedPremium + Analytics, Profiling, etc. (Minimum 5 Servers, 12 months commitment)$250*

* Pricing is per server


FeatureAdvancedAdvanced PlusEnterprise
Web Application Firewall
SQL Injection Prevension
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Illegal Resources Access
Intelligence New Threats Prevention
Remote File Inclusions
BackDoor Protection
Automatic Bot Detection and Protection
Anti Scrapping
Custom Exception Handling
Custom Security Rules
Access Control
Block Visitors by IP Range or Country
Block Known Blacklists (SpamHaus, RADS, TOR, etc).
Group based Access Control (Search Engines, Crawlers, etc.)
Custom Access List Groups
Block visitors by IP range or country
Analytics and Logging
Website Trafic Statistics
Website Analytics by Location, Sources, Targets
Weekly Report
Real Time Statistics
Real Time Monitoring
Site Status Monitoring
Per Request Analysis View
RAW Log Access File
Customer Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Response Time4 hours1 hourImmediate
Service Level Agreement99.9% Uptime100% Uptime100% Uptime
DDoS Protection
Network Level (Layer 3-4) DDoS protection
Application Level (Layer 5-7) DDoS protection
Automatic DDoS Detection Triggering
DDoS Protection Limit - Network Level1 Gbit/sec1 Gbit/sec1 Gbit/sec
DDoS Protection Limit - Application Level200 Mbit/sec500 Mbit/sec1 Gbit/sec
SSL Support
Custom Certificate
Certificate typeAll typesAll typesAll types
SLL Off-Loading
Server Load Balancing
Layer 7 Load Balancing
Session Persistence
Origin Server Monitoring and Failover
Failover to Standby Server Balancing
Pricing - Domain
First Domain$119$249$1,500
Additional Domain$29$49$49
30 Days
Free Trial
7 Days
Free Trial

Additional Domains can be mixed between packages


FeaturesAdvancedAdvanced PlusEnterprise
CDN & Accelerator
Global CDN
Static Content Caching
Static File Compression
Cache Purge
Customize HTTP Header
Wildcard DNS Support
Included Traffic Per Site100 GB
5,000 GB
10,000 GB
Pricing - CDN Traffic
Included Traffic100 GB2,000 GB10,000 GB
Cost of Additional Traffic (per GB) Up to 10TB$0.10$0.10Included
Cost of Additional Traffic (per GB) 10TB - 1000TB$0.04$0.04$0.04
Cost of Additional Traffic (per GB) 1000TB - 10000TBCallCallCall
30 Days
Free Trial
7 Days
Free Trial

Additional Domains can be mixed between packages


Cloud file backup$13.75 per server$0.164 per 1GB
FireWall managed sophos$120
pfSense Unmanaged$9$9