Move to the cloud with our expert service

Save valuable IT personnel time and reduce your capital and on-going expenses

Extreme Cost & Time Savings

We save time and worry for your IT teams by dealing with the LAN infrastructure upgrade and maintenance. You save even more in capital equipment purchases and ongoing expenses for software licenses, cloud permits, electricity, UPS, air conditioning, server floor space, insurance, furniture, safes, closets…

High Performance Server Environment

Our powerful global platform has 100% SSD fast storage and is kept up to date with the latest and most modern CPU versions. We use VMware Hypervisor and maintain a demanding 99.9 SLA to ensure your system is always available.

Resource Flexibility

No need to upgrade or buy unused hardware. In the cloud, your business now has flexibility for expansion or reduction as needed by the volatile market and changing business ecosystem. You can adjust resources by your budget and needs for any circumstances.

Maintain your network privacy, security and control

Get more control on our scalable, secure, robust platform without the overhead


High Return on Investment

Forget server maintenance, ongoing and surprise expenses. Your office doesn’t need to be maintained, cooled and protected. Our fully managed service makes state-of-the-art tools and resources, automation, upgrades and maintenance part of your everyday work. Not only does your productivity increase, you gain a high ROI.


Improved Disaster Recovery

Our reliable global platform supports your backups and 24/7/365 monitoring for full disaster recovery. Your Cloud LAN is protected and secured as required by your DRP and business continuity plan with your private DR site in the cloud.


More Accessibility

You’re no longer tied to the office or cut off from files and applications while traveling or between multiple offices Our Cloud LAN frees you to access your information from any computer connected to the internet anywhere in the world.


Built-In Security

No more worry about LAN equipment failure, theft, power loss and natural disasters. We provide the security you need in access-restricted, monitored, compliant data centers that are fully redundant and secure with built-in disaster recovery and custom backups.


Modern Consistency

Forget the current patchwork of equipment and versions and applications. We’re always updating our data centers with the latest software and hardware for maintaining a unified, seamless experience. We customize your environment to your workflow and role specialization needs.


Fully Managed Service

Never worry about your LAN again. We support you 24/7. Our cloud and LAN experts are always up to date about the latest network technologies and cloud innovations. From network infrastructure to software to security, compliance and cost, we’ve got you covered.