Scale ALL your applications and resources

We provide auto scaling with all our cloud solutions
as a big differentiator for you.

Easy to Setup

Never worry about scaling with our automated process. Our Auto Scaling lets you set target utilization levels for multiple resources in a modern, intuitive interface. You can quickly see the average utilization of all of your scalable resources and focus on other business priorities.

Optimal Performance

Always be consistent and deliver an optimal user experience. With our Auto Scaling, you won’t experience failures with demand or be affected by usage. We enable dynamic scaling of your servers and resources automatically, upon demand.

Pay Per Use Savings

Keep your costs down by only using and paying for the resources necessary. You don’t need a static or fixed amount of computing resources. Our Auto Scaling provides what you need, when you need it. It’s an essential component of all our cloud solutions and a big differentiator for you.

Always Match your Workload Demands

Don't let unexpected incidents affect your users or costs in your cloud


On-Demand Operation

With our Auto Scaling, your application performance is always maintained. In times of extremely high usage or spikes, we automatically increase your resources to prevent failures. Your capacity is reduced during lulls to lower your costs. We never compromise quality, reliability and availability.


Smart Scaling Decisions

With us, you get Auto Scaling built-in to all your applications. Whether your application is CPU or memory-bound, or defined by another custom metric, your resources and performance in managed and maintained. We let you build scaling plans for automation and optimization of resources, availability and costs to automatically create your policies and targets.


Dynamic Load Flexibility

Launch your promos and handle peak or spikes in traffic with confidence. Whether you’re starting a big campaigns, running your e-commerce site in peak seasons or times of day/week, getting lots of traffic for content on your news site, or running voting services in prime time, we’ve got you covered.