Build a foundation of continuous data protection

Update your infrastructure strategy with our experts

Business Continuity Planning

Simplify your disaster recovery and streamline your backup process with our powerful global cloud platform. We’ll support you with your business continuity and resilience planning (BCRP) so you can rest assured that all your critical applications keep running 24/7 no matter what.


Get the most effective, automated protection with continuous availability for your business applications and data. With minimal or no production overhead, you’ll be able to continuously replicate data modifications and restore back upon demand with high granularity. You’re free to balance RPO and RTO values for your unique business operation needs.


Pay for what you use, like Disaster “Insurance”. Mitigate potential disaster losses with minimal upfront investment. Pay for your fully provisioned recovery environment only when an actual disaster hits - significantly reducing your TCO. No more worries about business downtime - you’re always protected.

Take a proactive approach for handling disaster

Optimize your costs and streamline operations with our 24/7 support.



Don’t let disasters affect the digital life of your users. Our intelligent data management operates in the background in memory on our powerful global platform with for near-zero impact on performance. No snapshots or writing data to disks. You get faster reaction times, greater agility and reduce your DR costs without interrupting your normal operations.


Always-on Replication

No more periodic backups required. Instead, our continuous data protection delivers the tightest RTOs and RPOs with near-synchronous replication. Its real-time operation enables every write made to any protected VM’s disks to be copied to the recovery site with no impact on storage latency or production performance.


Recovery Granularity of Seconds at Any Scale

At any point in time, you can recover your files, VMs, applications and entire datacenters from seconds ago to up to 30 days ago. We provide automated application recovery for fast, precise and predictable recovery of entire applications.


Short and Long-Term Retention

We simplify DR and backups to enable recovery of entire virtualized datacenters or a single file, whether seconds or years ago. Our scalable platform uses your already-replicated applications for long term retention. It uses your always-updated replicated VM data to create your backups on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly schedule for a streamlined process that doesn’t impact performance or production.


Simple Solution

Make sure a DR plan is in place that’s right for your organization and people. We’ll help you to implement a powerful global infrastructure for storage, granular recovery and continuous replication that’s simple to manage. With our modern backup and DR tools in the cloud, your business continuity and resilience plan is simpler with affordable, flexible infrastructure in place that meets your needs. We’re there for you every step of the way.

Our Partners

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