Simplify your data protection with GNS as a partner

Safe-guarding your cloud with minimal recovery time.

Reducing Restoration and Reliability Challenges

Our backup solutions ensure you have fail-safe mechanisms in place, even upon total physical loss of your main servers.

Instant and Seamless Support

With our modern, user-friendly interface, we can monitor and control your users and protect your information against disaster incidents. Recovery is quick in minimum time.


With our reliable cloud, you instantly get complete real-time synchronization using Israeli and global sites for any of your servers and databases. No tapes or offsite backups required.

We’re flexible for any business or IT environment

Creating automatic daily, weekly and monthly backups to your requirements


Fully Automated Management Console

Manage centrally as you need through a single pain of glass on-premises or in the cloud. You only pay-as-you-use your storage for what you consume.


Hyper-Availability & Scaling

You’re protected with high durability and multiple devices at global scale. Scale up resources on demand as your data requirements change for backups in minutes.


Security & Data Encryption

Protect your backups with security-sensitive architecture and secure encrypted data transmission. We’re at your service to ensure security and compliance.


Long-Term, Application-Consistent Backup

We make your restore quick and efficient. You get fast recovery of applications by storing required data for restore with the backup copy. Choose the time and amount for backup – it’s up to you.


Any Type of Backup

Never lose a single file again. From virtual machine, Office 365 and cloud-to-cloud / cloud-to-datacenter backups, to Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL Database on physical servers, we’ve got you covered.

Our Partners

We deliver the best solution for your needs with our select global partners