Simplify your storage and retrieval with
our powerful global cloud storage platform

Easily archive your business information at scale
with 24/7 global professional support

Simple Automated Storage

Enjoy simple, effective and efficient system operation and retrieval. Your business information is backed up and stored automatically and periodically every 24 hours.

Fast Global Access

Your storage is easily combined with global CDN for accelerated delivery for web sites, media hosting and software delivery. It’s available in over 14 data centers for high performance and flexibility with minimal latency.

Predictable Pricing

As your storage needs change, scale up with ease. Pay only for the hours you use. It’s more economical and flexible for your business. No Long Term Contracts Required.

Store vast amounts of content anywhere
for any size and type of content

We support your storage growth in the cloud complementing your local and network storage.


All Your Use Cases

Whether for: Object storage for AI, Backup and restore, Disaster recovery, Archive, Data lakes and big data analytics, Hybrid cloud storage and Cloud-native application data – we’ve got you covered.


World-Class Flexibility & Scalability

Expand and shrink your storage volumes without modifying your local disk. Our redundant, distributed architecture protects your data and delivers high IO performance. Our expert support team is there for you 24/7 to answer questions and help with your needs.


High Reliability, Security & Performance

Our Archive Storage is redundantly designed for 99.9% availability across a highly available cluster for superior performance. Data transfer is automatically secured with SSL file encryption (HTTPS).


S3 API integration

You can still use the large existing ecosystem of S3 tools, utilities, plugins, extensions, and libraries to manage your storage. It’s easy to leverage the interface to archive information, map network drives, distribute static content, and more over HTTP/S protocol.

Our Partners

We deliver the best solution for your needs with our select global partners.